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The Electronic Textbook on American Politics and International Studies

I began the Electronic Textbook as a collection of schematics, tables, handouts, graphics, and short writings I use in my teaching.  For my classes in American foreign policy and international relations, I have developed the Obamarama and Bush Watch pages to help students and netizens understand and research the American presidency.  But perhaps my best idea was having students contribute their ideas in the Student Pages.


   Student Pages on U.S. Politics and Foreign Policy



  Bush Pages


  Essay on Political Economy


U.S. Politics and Election Pages


Basic Data on American Population and Ethnic Groups 
Population maps from the Census Bureau.  This page is slow to load because of the large graphics files.

  Maps of the World: data on income, life expectancy, food intake, literacy rates,  population, and the political transformations of the 20th century

 Empires in World History: maps of the great empires in world history

 History of the 20th Century


 Powerpoint Lessons on International Relations


  Essay on U.S. Hegemony 
    Schematics on Manifest Destiny vs. Liberal Internationalism


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