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Barack Obama came to Washington promising sweeping changes in the way Washington did business.  As the first African-American president he proposed a bold new agenda to match his historic election victory.  However, his first year in office can perhaps be summed up by the phrase, Washington has changed Barack Obama more than Obama has changed Washington.


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change.jpg  mavericks-for-mccain.jpg  The significance of the 2008 election

Maps of 2008 electoral college

Is 2008 a realigning election?

Obama after one year


hopw.jpg  limbaugh-hope-wpcbe090303.jpg  The ¡°new¡± politics in practice

How New is Obama¡¯s New Politics?

Can Obama Fight?



stimulus.jpg   cartoon_bank_bailout_mark-hurwitt.jpg  The Great Recession

Causes of the Financial Crisis and the Great Depression

White House economy page

alg_obama_pakistan.jpg  North Korea Iran nuclear tests obama joke cartoon.jpg  The new tone in foreign policy

Obama¡¯s Speech on relations with Islam

White House foreign policy page


hiroshima-001.jpg  332_cartoon_us_russia_nukes_small_over.jpg  Nuclear Weapons

Obama¡¯s speech on nuclear disarmament

Obama¡¯s Big Nuclear Test

Global Panel Calls for Steep Nuclear Cuts



White House START Treaty page


Obama¡¯s speech on Iran¡¯s nuclear program    

Dubious Assumptions about Iran

North Korea

Obama says test violates law

North Korea¡¯s Bomb Test Message


  obama hope war-on-terror-cartoon.png The Wars in the Islamic world

Obama¡¯s Speech on relations with Islam

Obama¡¯s Nobel Acceptance Speech

The Cairo Detour

Fear, Inc.

Shooting Gnats with Machine Guns



Obama¡¯s Surge in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Myth v. Fact: Afghanistan

The AfPak Train Wreck

Annotate This! President Obama's Afghanistan Escalation Speech

White House Afghanistan page


Obama statement of Iraq policy

Prepare for Failure in Iraq


 J10obama-healthcare1.jpg  3StoogeMen.jpg Health Care Reform

The truth about the US health care system

Why the Obama health care reform plan is failing

White House Health Care Page


 hotearth.jpg  copenhagen_climate_conference_668805.jpg Climate Change

Global Warming Facts and Figures

Five Reasons Why the Copenhagen Summit Failed

Semi-official White House Climate Change Report (the White House won¡¯t put on its website)



two-asian-students.jpg  Student Pages



whitehouse-website1-1024x532.jpg  whitehouse.gov go to the source

Inaugural Address

2010 State of the Union

     Obama¡¯s State of the Union (critical review)


president-SOTU2.jpg  rush2000.jpg  The Bush Presidency

Bush Watch Page: my website on the Bush presidency

Holy War, Plutocracy, and the New Absolutism in the Bush Presidency: notes toward a book on W


scribe-research-trans.gif  My Publications on the U.S. Presidency and Foreign Policy