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Holy War, Plutocracy, and the New Absolutism in the Bush Presidency

Love him or hate him, George W. Bush aroused the passions.  During his presidency I kept an ongoing website on the Bush administration.  I also wrote several articles on Bushs foreign policy.  Now I am working on what I hope will become a web book on the Bush years.  At this point I have only rough notes, but over time I hope they will become full-fledged chapters.

Governing from the Right: The Rove-Reagan Republican Strategy for Ideological Polarization

Cause and Effect: The Triumph of Plutocracy Brings the Great Recession

Holy War and the National Security State

One Party Government in the U.S.


Bush Watch Page: the last version of a website I kept during the Bush years


Published Articles on the Bush Presidency


Two Tales of Texans: George W. Bush and LBJ

The Significance of the 2004 Election 
The 2002 American Midterm: The Bush Victory in Historical Perspective

The Bush Administration and North Korea

The Illusions of Hegemony and the North Korean Nuclear Issue

The Bush Administration, the North Korean Nuclear Crisis, and the Future of Multilateralism in Northeast Asia

The Bush Administration and the Range of Policy Options toward North Korea 

Two Visions of Convergence in Northeast Asia: The Bush Administration, North Korean Nuclear Weapons, and the Regional Powers

Frictions in the U.S.-South Korea Alliance

The Nuclear Impasse on the Korean Peninsula: The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same