Understanding the 2004 Election

 Understanding the American Electoral System

The Presidential Selection Process

          The Nomination Campaign
          The Electoral College and the 2000 Election

Data on Party Systems

Party Strength in Congress under Historical Party Systems

          Eras of Party Government and Divided Government

            Party Control of Congress and the Presidency (1921-2000)


Analyses of the Candidates


  My Bush Watch Page: links to White House and Bush campaign documents, critical analyses of Bush administration policies,

and my articles on the Bush presidency


  Who is John Kerry?


Project Vote Smart Biography Page

Strong and Wrong

The Election and the Anti-War Movement

Extremism on Viagra

Cash and Kerry



Campaign Websites


George Bush and the Republicans


The Bush Campaign website

The White House

The Republican National Committee



  John Kerry and the Democrats


John Kerry

The Democratic National Committee

John Edwards

Howard Deaní»s Democracy for America



My Graduate Studentsí» Analysis of Campaign Issues


Check out the differences in Bushí»s and Kerryí»s position on the war in Iraq, the war on drugs, the economy, air pollution,

energy policy, education, immigration, and programs for people with disabilities as analyzed by my public policy students.



News and Analysis


The PBS Online News Hour






Project Vote Smart

League of Women Votersí» Democracy Net